Boat Buying Advice & Boat Consultancy Services

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Boat Buying Advice & Consultancy Services

Boat Buying Advice: We provide a wide range of Boat Buying Advisory & Consultancy Services throughout the Boat Buyers Journey to Boat Ownership:
  • Identifying the right boat for your needs and budget
  • Boat buying research and boat locate services
  • Shortlist and boat review service
  • Should You Buy This Boat? service
  • Boat purchase negotiation services
  • Contract and boat purchase documentation services
  • Taking delivery of your boat services.

We can help you with questions such as:

  • How to hire a buyers broker at no cost to you.
  • What are the benefits of co-brokerage?
  • What boat is the Right Boat for you?
  • Buying new vs second-hand.

Appointing a BASCO Buyers Adviser, at no cost to you

If you are at that very early stage of thinking about a boat, Contact Us early. If you do this before you make any direct contacts with brokerages and boat dealers we can help you with a co-brokerage arrangement.

Click the "Contact Us Button" to register your name and email and send us a message. There is Nothing to Pay to engage a BASCO's Buyers Adviser. Our services are paid upon the completion of a successful co-brokerage.

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