Chartering a Yacht? 4 Important Tips to Consider

You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy a day out at sea, chartering is an excellent option that can introduce you to the joys of boating, and who knows, might convince you to invest in one of your own.

Here are some things to think about before chartering:


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Quite a crucial point; how much do you want to spend on your charter? If you have a ‘carte-blanche’ attitude then the options are endless. However, if you would like to stick to a certain price range: it’s best to keep your expectations real.

Purpose/Duration of the charter

Is it a day trip with friends and family, an extended cruising expedition or a corporate function? Equally important – where do you plan to go? Essentially, ask yourself – what is the purpose of the charter. Once that is all clear then it’s time to pick a suitable boat to make it all happen. A charter operator will also help guide you to pick the right vessel and whip up an itinerary catered around your requirements.

Crew or no crew?

It’s down to your sailing capabilities. Are you an experienced skipper, a novice captain or don’t have a clue?

  • Skippered charters – provide a captain and crew, which will make your life much easier as they will handle all the navigation and be in charge of the vessel. This way you can just sit back and relax.
  • Bareboat charters – if you’re an experienced captain then you may prefer to ditch the skipper and crew. If that’s the case, just remember you will need proof of your relevant sailing qualifications. So, don’t forget your documents: no papers, no boat.
  • Type of Charter vessels:

  • Powerboat charter – this is more speed based. These yachts can cover distances in shorter timeframes and allow you to spend more time exploring the chosen destination, and or give you more time to enjoy those sundowners on deck.
  • Sailboat charters – a mono-hull sailing vessel propelled mainly by the wind. Some would say that this is more of a ‘romantic’ way of experiencing the open seas.
  • Catamaran charters – a multi-hull sailing boat that provides ample external entertaining space with great comfort and stability. Perfect for those sunset drinks.
  • Gulet charters – more prevalent in Europe, these traditional Turkish yachts are characteristically stable to protect cargo and are now ideal for extended charter escapades. Popular for luxury sailing yacht charters.
  • Fishing charters – these boats also vary depending on the type of fish you have your eye set on catching and the geographic location of the fishing site. You’ll need to do your homework on this to find the best fit.

    March 1, 2018