How to Pick the Best Charter Yacht for Your Event

There is always a reason to celebrate and you may want to do in ultimate style – aboard a yacht. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone, a team-building event or a corporate function; the options are vast. It’s just a matter of choosing the right charter vessel to suit your requirements.

To help you make the right choice, keep in mind:

Number of guests
Cruising or dockside ‘static’ event
Charter duration

A yacht charter operator will be able to find the best yacht to suit your event and itinerary. When considering the different yacht choices available – powerboat, sailing yacht, luxury yacht, catamaran – it is important to outline your specific needs to help find that perfect fit.

This may be a game-changer as your budget might not let you splurge on the superyacht. Not to worry, it may not be a superyacht but each boat offers a remarkable experience and setting. Remember to factor in the cost of the actual yacht charter and also for catering (if needed). Depending on the size of the vessel, catering is usually done by an external provider.

Guest capacity

Many luxury yachts can accommodate approximately 8 to 12 guests when cruising. For static charters, the maximum capacity of guests will vary depending on the vessel. Check with the charter operator for the possible numbers for a cruising or dockside event. This might change your mind and modify your plans.

Cruising or dockside event
Usually, it makes more sense to venture out to sea on a yacht charter as that is the essence of being on a boat. However, on certain occasions, a ‘static’ event is more appropriate in order to accommodate more people; a cocktail party, for example, where guests will be standing.


This also depends on what sort of event you have in mind. Is it canapes and champagne, or a sit-down dinner aboard? Depending on the size of the yacht, catering tends to be supplied by an off-site provider. Additionally, logistical issues need to be taken into account, is there enough space in the galley, is there an oven aboard to heat the food, do you need serving staff? N.B. Some Marina’s only allow catering to be supplied ‘in-house’ by the Club, so best to double check before putting down a deposit with the catering company.

Charter duration

Are you staying in the Marina or venturing further afield? If it’s a day trip or evening cruise then ask about the ‘extras’ aboard. Certain yachts will have ‘toys’ to enhance your event. For a day trip lookout for recreational gear, snorkeling kit, scuba equipment. Some vessels even offer karaoke for that extra giggle to add to your event.

Bottom line – holding an event aboard a charter vessel will leave an indelible memory that will not easily be forgotten.

March 4, 2018